Our complete services

Tailored and specialised cyber protection services designed exclusively for Australian businesses and Managed Service Providers, complemented by expert cyber security professionals.


Our highly experienced testers comprehensively assess your business defence systems against threats.

PoC MDR Attack Simulation
Red Teaming & Attack Simulation
Employee Phishing Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing


We rapidly and expertly respond to any threats or attacks made against your business. Your business networks are increasingly open to cyber attacks. We test and secure your services and firewalls.

Compromise Assessment
Network Architecture Design & Review
Vulnerability Management As A Service (VMAAS)
Security Awareness Training
Firewall Hardening Configuration Review
DarkWeb | OSINT Security Assessment
Ransomware Resiliency Assessment
Cloud Security Review
Incident Response

Compliance & Risk

We are experts in cyber security audits and risk assessments necessary for business compliance and insurance.

Cyber Audit
Cyber Security Maturity Assessment
APRA CPS 234 Audits
NIST Risk Assessment Report (Gap Analysis)
ISO 27001
ASD Essential 8


As a full-service company, we are able to offer expert, personalised advice on all facets of your business security.

Incident Response Plan
Executive Briefings (Subject Matter Expert)
Virtual Security Manager
Virtual CISO
Cyber Security Advisory