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Join Forces with Siege Cyber

Siege Cyber has a long history of working with and within Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Australia and New Zealand.

Siege Cyber consultants understand the value of the relationship MSPs have with their customers, and we make it a priority to nurture that relationship through trust, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

At Siege Cyber, we only offer a specialised set of services in relation to security testing. Siege Cyber does not sell hardware, software or provide remediation services. This allows us to stay vendor agnostic and work closely with our partners.

During a penetration testing engagement and with customer agreement, Siege Cyber regularly communicates with the MSP. Siege Cyber’s experience is that by keeping communication lines open during the testing engagement, the customer has a higher level of confidence and satisfaction.

Benefits of partnering with Siege Cyber:

  1. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority
  2. Siege Cyber does not sell hardware, software or remediation services
  3. Flexible partnership arrangements
  4. Siege Cyber offers a specific set of security testing
  5. Customers receive an independent security assessment from a trusted provider.

At Siege Cyber, we take pride in building trusting and loyal relationships with our MSP partners. If you would like to further discuss a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement, please get in touch with us at:

What Partners Say About Us

From large companies to local small businesses, we have helped companies all over Australia secure their most valuable data. Our solutions are customised to meet your customer's needs and requirements.