Is SOC2 Mandatory in Australia: A Guide for Businesses

In the interconnected world of data and cybersecurity, standards such as SOC2 become pivotal, even when they are not enforced by law. Australian businesses, compliance professionals, CISOs, and directors all wrestle with the question: Is SOC2 mandatory in Australia? Let’s delve into the intricacies of SOC2 compliance and its place in the Australian business landscape.


SOC2 stands as a beacon of trust and security in the data-saturated realm of the digital age. For businesses that handle customer data, displaying adherence to stringent security protocols isn’t just reassuring; it’s often expected. But what does this mean in an Australian context?

Understanding SOC2

Service Organisation Control 2, better known as SOC2, is a compliance framework that focuses on non-financial reporting controls at service organisations related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Cultivated by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC2 is a voluntary compliance standard. But don’t let the term ‘voluntary’ mislead you – in practice, it’s rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing business in various sectors.

The Importance of SOC2 for Australian Businesses

While not legally mandated in Australia, SOC2 compliance is increasingly becoming a de facto requirement, especially for technology and cloud-based service providers who deal with US clients or markets. Regulatory frameworks in Australia, such as the Privacy Act 1988, encourage robust data management processes, aligning with SOC2’s principles. 

Certain industries, like healthcare, finance, and IT services, benefit significantly from being SOC2 compliant, as it assures stakeholders of their commitment to security and data integrity.

Benefits of SOC2 Compliance

SOC2 isn’t just about checking a box; it brings tangible benefits to organisations. Compliance enhances data security measures and underlines the organisation’s commitment to protecting client data. It fosters increased customer trust, thereby enlarging the customer base and loyalty. Moreover, it provides a competitive edge, distinguishing your business as one dedicated to best practices in data stewardship.

Considerations for SOC2 Implementation

Achieving SOC2 compliance may seem daunting, but it’s a structured process. Identifying the relevant Trust Service Principles applicable to your service offerings is the first step. Once the scope is determined, organisations should undertake a readiness assessment and, subsequently, work towards compliance, culminating in an audit by a qualified CPA.

Potential Challenges and Risks

Pursuing SOC2 compliance can be resource-intensive, leading to significant costs and requiring a considerable commitment of time from the internal team. Untreated vulnerabilities could compromise the integrity of your data environment, emphasising the need for diligent preparation and internal controls before an audit.

Alternatives to SOC2

Beyond SOC2, Australian businesses could consider ISO 27001, a globally recognised standard for information security management systems, offering a comprehensive approach to security that encompasses people, processes, and technology.


While SOC2 might not be enshrined in Australian law, the rising emphasis on data security and the pressures of the international market render it critical. Businesses should ponder not only the risks and costs but the prevailing benefits of becoming SOC2 compliant.

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Remember, at the heart of these frameworks lies the very essence of trust – something no business can afford to compromise on in today’s digital world. As we strive towards an ever more data-centric future, prioritising data security and privacy isn’t just good business sense; it’s a cornerstone for success.

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