Is ASD Essential 8 Mandatory in Australia

Is ASD Essential 8 Mandatory in Australia: A Guide for Businesses

Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable aspect of doing business in the modern world – and for Australian businesses, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Essential 8 framework is a benchmark for best practices in cyber defence. Yet there remains confusion over whether adherence to this protocol is a recommendation or a regulatory must. This post sets out to clarify the status of the ASD Essential 8 for Australian businesses and compliance professionals, detailing why and how to integrate these practices into your cybersecurity strategy.

Understanding ASD Essential 8

The ASD Essential 8 is a set of strategies devised by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to help organisations mitigate cyber threats. It represents a baseline of proactive measures designed to make it harder for adversaries to compromise systems. The Essential 8 sits within a broader ASD framework which includes an additional 35 strategies.

The Importance of ASD Essential 8

While originally developed for government entities, the ASD Essential 8 is now widely recognised as effective cyber hygiene for all organisations. Businesses that adopt these strategies can significantly enhance their resilience against cyber incidents, safeguard sensitive data, and potentially avoid the significant costs associated with breaches.

However, it raises a critical question: Is compliance with ASD Essential 8 mandatory for Australian businesses? The short answer is ‘no’ – the ASD Essential 8 is not legislated as a compulsory framework. Despite this non-mandatory status, failure to implement adequate cybersecurity measures, including concepts covered in the Essential 8, could be interpreted as negligence given the ACSC’s strong recommendations.

Overview of the Essential 8 Controls

Detailed insights into each strategy of the Essential 8 will provide businesses with a clear path to bolstering cyber defences:

  • Application Whitelisting

   Control which applications can run within your network to prevent the execution of unauthorised software that could be malicious.

  • Patching Applications

   Regularly update applications to remediate known security vulnerabilities swiftly.

  • Patching Operating Systems

   Similar to application patching, ensure your operating system is also kept up-to-date to close off security loopholes.

  • Restricting Administrative Privileges

   Limiting admin access reduces the potential impact of a cybersecurity attack and helps protect sensitive data.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

   Add an extra layer of security through a verification process for user access to curb unauthorised infiltration.

  • Daily Backups

   Protect your data from ransomware and other cyber threats by maintaining secure and regularly updated backups.

  • Disabling Macros

   Many cyber-attacks exploit macros, so disable them in Internet Office files to reduce risks.

  • User Application Hardening

   Configure web browsers and Microsoft Office settings to protect against web-based and email-based attacks.

Implementing ASD Essential 8

For businesses considering adoption, implementing the Essential 8 requires a structured approach. Start with an assessment of your current cybersecurity posture and establish a plan for gradual implementation. Adequate staff training, regular auditing, and a responsive cybersecurity incident plan are also essential components.


Australian businesses may not be legally required to implement ASD Essential 8, but in an increasingly hostile digital environment, it makes sense to use every strategy at your disposal – and the Essential 8 is among the most effective. By making these protocols part of your cybersecurity foundation, you’re not just protecting your operations; you’re investing in the trust of your customers and the future of your business.

As experts in cybersecurity, Siege Cyber can support you through every step of integrating these essential strategies into your business. Don’t wait for legislation to nudge you into action; future-proof your business against cyber threats by embracing the ASD Essential 8 today.

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