How to Get Your Company SOC2 Certified

In the digital age where data breaches are commonplace, earning the trust of users has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. The Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) certification plays a pivotal role in showcasing your company’s commitment to securing client data and maintaining high operational standards. This extensive guide is tailored to arm compliance professionals, CEOs, CISOs, and directors with actionable strategies to navigate the path to SOC2 certification confidently.

Understanding SOC2

SOC2 is a framework developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) that evaluates an organisation’s information systems related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Its purpose is to assure clients and stakeholders that you manage their data with the highest standard of security and privacy.

Preparing for SOC2 Certification

Preparation is key when embarking on the SOC2 certification journey. Start by comprehensively assessing your current compliance status. Identify any areas where your practices fall short of SOC2 requirements. Addressing these issues early on will set a solid foundation for your compliance program.

Building a SOC2 Compliance Program

A robust SOC2 compliance program requires well-documented policies and procedures reflective of the SOC2 Trust Services Principles and Criteria. Implement internal controls and security measures that not only safeguard client data but also cement trust with your stakeholders.

Conducting a Readiness Assessment

Before the formal audit commences, a readiness assessment is advisable to evaluate whether the organisation is primed for SOC2 evaluation. This internal review helps pinpoint potential areas of non-compliance, allowing you to rectify issues preemptively.

Engaging an Audit Firm

Selecting an experienced audit firm is crucial for a smooth SOC2 certification process. Consider factors such as industry expertise, reputation, and an approach that aligns with your company’s values. A collaborative relationship with your auditors will facilitate a more efficient and successful certification.

Achieving SOC2 Certification

The audit process is rigorous, demanding transparency and accuracy across your control environment. Upon completing the audit, review any findings and work diligently to implement the auditor’s recommendations. SOC2 certification is granted when an auditor affirms your compliance with the established criteria.

Maintaining SOC2 Compliance

SOC2 is not a one-time achievement but a continual commitment. Implementing a systematic approach for ongoing monitoring and periodic audits will ensure your operations remain in accordance with SOC2 standards, preserving the trust and reputation you have built.


Achieving and maintaining SOC2 certification is an investment in your business’s integrity and a powerful indicator of reliability to your clients. It’s a demonstration of excellence in data protection, operational resilience, and a commitment to organisational transparency – valuable traits in today’s competitive marketplace.

Are you ready to instil unwavering confidence in your clients and distinguish your company in the industry? SOC2 certification is more than a compliance milestone—it’s a testament to your unwavering dedication to security and privacy that can steer your business to greater heights. Start your journey towards SOC2 certification today, and unlock the trust that can revolutionise your client relationships and drive your business forward.